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Our offering for Swiss expats

Neue Helvetische Bank is a reliable partner in financial matters for private investors and entrepreneurs. As a small, independent universal bank based in Zurich, we endeavor to treat all clients in our target segment equally, regardless of their domicile, in accordance with legal requirements.

We offer our private client the following services among others:

  • Investment advice

  • Asset management

  • Securities trading

  • Security backed loans

  • Mortgages for private owner-occupied homes in Switzerland

  • Payment transactions (no bulk payments)

  • E-banking (queries only; no execution functions)

Generally, our international clients hold a current account in their country of domicile to handle daily payments. At Neue Helvetische Bank, they deposit long-term assets, which are managed in Switzerland by us in accordance with their instructions. It is also possible that clients manage their assets themselves and issue the relevant individual orders to us.

Neue Helvetische Bank does not operate any branches in Switzerland or abroad. Accounts and custody accounts can therefore be opened only at our office in Zurich.

We look forward to your visit and will be pleased to offer you a consultation on the telephone at any time free of any obligation.