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Asset Management

Long-term investment performance depends primarily on asset allocation.
We combine our clearly structured investment process with an ongoing assessment of the prevailing market environment in order to adjust allocations at short notice if necessary. We pay close attention to the security and liquidity of your investments. Transparent reporting is a matter of course for us.

Discretionary Mandates: Private clients, entrepreneurs or former entrepreneurs and family offices benefit from our longstanding experience and the strong capabilities of our investment experts. Our focus is on traditional investments. Particularly for foreign markets, we favor instruments such as ETFs for index-tracking whenever possible, due to their efficiency and low costs. We take a modular approach to building investment classes by way of special mandates or funds.

Tailor-Made Individual Mandates: We incorporate the specific investment guidelines of the client into the portfolio construction. You are given access to the various asset classes at very competitive conditions by way of the Bank’s platform. We monitor the overall risk and reconcile this with your specifications and risk profile on an ongoing basis.